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Wine Edition

1.) "Intro to Wine" - Michael and Martin delve into the history of wine and how to help guests select the perfect bottle.

2.) "Wine Descriptors" - Michael and Martin give you all the word tools you need to describe wine.

3.) "Wine Tasting" - Michael and Martin show you how to taste wine using all your senses!

4.) "Wine Pairing" - Michael and Martin go over the do's and don'ts of matching wine with food.

5.) "Wine Regions" - Explore some of the many eclectic places wine comes from and how it affects the wine.

6.) "Advanced Wine Making" - Michael and Martin discuss some of the techniques of making wine including an avant-garde approach Michael has been studying.

7.) "Wine Service" - Michael and Martin come in on their day off to see how their new hire is progressing with wine service

Professional international servers Michael Alexander III and Martín share their experienced tips for getting great tips.

1.) "Greeting the Guests" - How to initiate contact with the guest. 

2.) "Taking the Order" - How to present oneself and predict your guests' needs. 

3.) "Taking more orders" - How to allow your guests to feel superior for a moment and the importance of accurate temperatures.

4.) "Interacting with Guests" - Everything from food pictures to accents and what to do with children.

5.) "Running the Food" - How properly running food can elicit all of the guests' emotions and ensure their inferiority. 

6.) "Clearing the Table" - When clearing correctly both the guest and table are left spotless and opportunities for sneaky touches should present themselves. 

7.) "Finishing the meal" - Final steps of service include detestable desserts and fervent farewells. 

8.) "Dealing with Allergies" - Find out how to identify and accommodate "allergies" and allergies.

9.) "Mitigating Emergencies" - In a life or death situation, learn how to keep your job, avoid lawsuits, and save someone's life in the process. 

10.) "Addressing Contaminants" - Fun hats for the kitchen and how to deal with customers finding foreign objects in their dishes.

11.) "Time Management" - Learn how to monitor guests' perspective of time: egg timers, tapping tickets, and other techniques of time management.

12.) "Maintaining Your Section" - Learn how to maintain dominance over your section and protect it from your greedy co-workers.

13.) "Celebrities & Games" - Learn tactics for dealing with gawkers, plus some fun downtime activities for the whole staff.